Room for your most prized possession

When Stian Paulsen competes in the SEAT Leon Eurocup, his car needs a roof over its head. The roof is provided by tents from O.B. Wiik, which Stian brings along on his trips to some of Europe’s most extreme race tracks.

The smell of burning rubber

The Nürburgring, Silverstone, and Catalunya tracks – they are all familiar names for motorsport enthusiasts. But the Seat Leon Supercopa touring car racing championship is also a playground for Stian Paulsen, Norway’s most talented driver in his class by far.

Although Stian describes himself as a “happy amateur” who is just along for the ride, he competes with the very best. He has won important races, and clocked no less than 21 wins during his career, including wins at the Nürburgring, Salzburgring, Silverstone and at the Spa racetrack in Belgium. In the championship, his name is well-known and feared by competitors. In the 2015 championship, he took second place overall.

His achievements are certainly impressive, especially when one takes in how the racing business is run; most of the serious players in the game have comprehensive backing and are provided with major resources, support staff, mobile workshops and facilities. With his efficient, smooth eight-wheel “guerrilla” approach, Stian stands out from the crowd. Stian competes on a budget, and is able to do so in part thanks to the deliveries from O.B. Wiik.


Stian’s set-up

A van and a trailer for the race car are all Stian needs. The van can just fit one of O.B. Wiik’s pop-up-tents, the necessary tools and a specially-sewn PVC-sheet which serves as the floor, also from O.B. Wiik. The wall sections and promotional elements are custom-made to fit the tent and come from O.B. Wiik, and accompany Stian on his travels all over Europe.

The set-up is easy to assemble and disassemble, and it all fits in the back of the van. The car itself, a souped-up and race-modified Seat Leon, goes on a covered trailer at the back – and that’s it.

Qualified mechanics and partners are hired on-site, and this arrangement explains how Stian Paulsen is able to participate – in spite of limited funds.

The tent

O.B. Wiik’s pop-up tent is easy to assemble. It measures 4 x 8 metres and weighs 75 kilos. When disassembled, it is small enough that two people can easily lift it into the van. When pitching the tent, its fold system is so intuitive that it can be pitched in a mere 10 minutes.

In this way, it can quickly and easily serve multiple functions – it serves as a garage and team tent, and provides protection from rain and burning sun.


The PVC sheet

In racing, having something with which to cover the asphalt surface is useful, and a PVC sheet made to fit the tent’s measurements always accompanies Stian on his trips. The sheet can be folded up and is useful for covering the ground during repairs. It catches any screws/bolts/parts that fall down, and protects the ground from oil spills. The PVC sheet is flame-retardant and contributes to safety in a tough environment.

For Stian Paulsen, this is all it takes for him to perform at the very highest level in a one-make racing cup in Europe. That and talent, naturally.