Warehouse and Bulk storage

Many companies with transport and storage needs have found shelter in a hall from O.B.Wiik. Everything from raw materials, food, machinery, minerals and mail is protected from adverse weather conditions in a WiikHall or steel hall.

A hall for every type of good

Do you have an entirely unique good that needs storing? Or several? We can help you identify the needs that dictate what is needed in storage or logistic halls in terms of equipment.

Since we can equip the hall with dehumidification equipment, heating or ventilation, there is little that differentiates WiikHalls and steel halls from permanent buildings. A hall solution is by nature flexible, and the needs of the transport and logistics industry are met with vehicle doors and ramp solutions.

Meets sudden needs

The flexible storage solution, which also comes in many different sizes and widths, can be built to whatever length one wishes. One can thereby expand or scale back the size based on requirements, stock and property size.

Bearing that in mind, it can be mentioned that we have supplied harbour storage, dehumidified storage, bulk storage and goods storage in over 100 countries.

Storage and logistics products